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About The Company

Green Crew Contracting Inc - Landscaping Company

About Green Crew Contracting Inc.

Green Crew Contracting Inc. is more than just a landscaping company. Founded in 2010 by Manny Toso, we've spent over a decade delivering services and passionately transforming ordinary spaces into captivating landscapes brimming with character. What truly sets us apart is our dedicated team. It's through their commitment and craftsmanship that our company's name has evolved into a legacy of pride and excellence. Our journey began not as a mere business venture but as the realization of a dream, underpinned by an unwavering dedication to quality. We pride ourselves on providing affordable, top-notch contracting services that never compromise on quality.

Manny Toso - CEO and Project Manager

CEO & Project Manager

Manny Toso is the CEO and Project Manager with a rich 25-year history in the field. Raised in the construction industry, Manny has an innate understanding of the dynamics and intricacies of the work. His leadership is characterized by numerous successful projects and an approach that values family and the enjoyment of life. For Manny, his career isn't just about building structures; it's about constructing a fulfilling life, both professionally and personally. His commitment to excellence in the field stems from a deep-rooted passion for construction and a dedication to balance and quality in all aspects of his life.

Our Mission

At Green Crew Contracting Inc, our mission is more than just landscaping. We see potential even in the most ordinary spaces, and our goal is to transform them into extraordinary landscapes. For us, quality is more than a promise or a commitment—it's the core of everything we do. We approach each project with a vision, striving to create outdoor areas that look beautiful and reflect our dedication to excellence.